The Orthopaedic Assessment process is one-hour long at the Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic.
    We encourage patients to arrive 15 minutes earlier then their scheduled appointments, in order to complete a patient information sheet, and a medical questionnaire. The hour assessment includes a thorough physical examination by the physiotherapist. A history of the present injury in question will be reviewed, as well as other pertinent past medical history. We encourage clients to bring any relevant documentation, such as MRI results or X-rays.

    The nature of the assessment will differ depending on the dysfunction.
    Each dysfunction has it's own, appropriate, assessment approach. The assessment approach for osteopathic dysfunctions differs from that of urinary incontinence and likewise from that of other conditions. For more information on any of our specialties please read further by clicking on the appropriate tool bar navigation headings.

    History taking is generally followed by a physical examination.
    Analysis of the examination and approaches to a successful rehabilitation are then discussed with the patient. Short term goals and long term expectations are then established. Subsequent treatments are then scheduled to follow up with patients.

    Treatments are 30 minutes of dedicated 1 on 1 time with the physiotherapist.
    Electro therapeutic modalities or heat/ice may be indicated after treatment, thus it is recommended that patients allow 45 minutes per treatment. In general patients can expect to book about 8 to 10 treatments, depending on the dysfunction. Sometimes very few treatments are needed and the physiotherapist can place the patient onto a home program with periodic appointments to assess and progress the patient as need be.

    At the Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic we believe that patients are partners in their recovery. Exercises are often provided to the patients so that they can take an active role in their rehabilitation. Specific exercises given by the physiotherapist compliment the effects of treatment and improve the therapeutic outcome.

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