Manual Therapy - Hands on Approach

    You are in good hands at the Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic. We provide expert treatment in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries. Our therapists are hands on - manual therapists. All of our physiotherapists continue to partake in advanced training courses beyond their University baseline training to develop specific hands on techniques and clinical reasoning. During our one hour assessment we assess posture, biomechanical imbalances in strength and flexibility, as well as assess joint movement that may be contributing to your pain and physical limitations.

    Several of our physiotherapists have completed the FCAMPT - Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. This is a manual therapy approach that is revered internationally. Please read more about manual therapy y clicking here.

    FCAMPT physiotherapists at the Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic are:

    • Amy Fahlman
    • Eric Finstad
    • Paul Phillips

    Intermediate Physiotherapist are:

    • Pierre Peron

    Another internationally recognized series which is an alternate method of clinical reasoning within the manual therapy approach is the Integrated Systems Model. Through this global approach of clinical assessment and reasoning the "driver" that feeds your faulty movement pattern and pain is determined and treated through manual therapy techniques and specific exercises to restore normal pain free movement patterns. We encourage you to visit either https://ljlee.ca or https://www.dianelee.ca

    Our Integrated Systems Model graduates are:

    • Louise Killens
    • Suzanne Reid

    Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic- You are in good hands!

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