• The Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic has been instrumental in the advancement of health promotion, injury prevention, education and treatment of active individuals. Those benefiting from our services range from the recreational participant through the many levels of athletic competition.

    Evaluation of sports injuries includes a thorough biomechanical assessment - range of motion, strength, flexibility and muscle imbalances are examined so that proper counseling can be provided. Treatment may include manual therapy techniques to restore normal active and/or passive range of motion; complemented by a specific exercise program to address the underlying pathology. Mechanical faults, core strength or muscle imbalances are frequently addressed to prevent recurrence and aid in rehabilitation. In addition, progressive exercise programs are frequently provided to ensure a safe return to activity.

    Other treatment approaches include bracing or tape which may be used to improve stability or help with proprioceptive feedback. Electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, interferential, electrical muscle stimulation or transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulator (TENS) may be used to facilitate the healing process.

    Killens Reid Physiotherapy Clinic strives to promote injury prevention; educate active individuals before, during and after injury.

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